KIRAT-COMSATS University Programme 10-25 July 2008

Students Internship



At the Base Camp at KaravanPakistan Institute of Research & Training, Karavanabad, Chattar, NWFP.

The first internship programme was undertaken from 10-25 July, 2008. 12 students and one faculty of Department of Architecture, COMSATS University, arrived at Karavanabad in the evening of 10th July. They spent two nights in tent accommodation at the base camp, 5 nights in the Kodar Village Cluster (the Nokia-NSN-Karavan programme area) in the primary school constructed under the programme since the school children are on vacation, and another few nights again at the base camp. During their internship the students were expected to make a study of the surviving vernacular structures, conduct socio-economic and other surveys of the communities, record their traditions and ways of doing (including those of women) as well as tangible and intangible heritage etc. After returning to the base camp they worked on consolidation of their fieldwork along with reports on the work carried out. The final finishing of their work was carried out at the Comsats Islamabad campups.

It is intended that an exhibition of their work will be held at the COMSATS campus after the re-opening of universities in September 2008, when an exhibition will be held and their work critiqued by experts.

The second stage of the programme which is related to village hospitality was taken up on 12th July 2008. The hospitality was provided by women who are the proud owners of some of the 10 kitchens built under the Destiny Kitchen programme. In order to spread the benefits of this livelihoods programme, each day a different woman and her household was requested to provide hospitality to the group. Thus, the amount received for food is being distributed among the households as an income generation activity.

In addition all the nans or roti that are served at the KPRI base camp also consist of the products being produced in the Destiny Roti Ktchens. Thus the Kodar community has become the host village for 13 visitors from Islamabad.

The base camp at Karavanabad, Chattar is now operational. Four tents have been pitched on newly constructed bathrooms and stone platforms, built in the heart of the pine forest, where the entire team was housed.

This was a test project to assess our capacity. The entire Karavan team worked hard to make a success of the programme and, although further improvements could be made, it is clear that we have succeeded in our modest endeavour.

For design and implementation of the internship programme our thanks are due to Prof. Dr. Pervez Vandal, Prof. Sajida Vandal, and Prof. Samra Khan.


Ar. Yasmeen Lari
(from 10-12 July and 23-24 July for briefing and summing up)
Ar. Zulfi Noor – Karavan Rep (for assistance in initial settling down)
Mr. Naheem Shah - Karavan Rep. trouble shooting, logistics
Mr. Nadeem Shah – Karavan Rep for procurement: cell
Mr. Raja, Karavan Rep, Kodar host; 0997-7205769
Date: 10-25 July 2008 inclusive
Number of faculty: 1
Number of students: 12 [8 boys and 4 girls students]

Preparation: All participants should bring their own air mattresses, sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, soap and other toiletteries, sunblock and mosquito repellents etc., bring own distinctive plate, fork, spoons and mug.

Accommodation in Base Camp: Tent accommodation will be provided. Each tent in the Base Camp has a bathroom attached to it, i.e. to be shared by four persons in tents. Western type wcs available.

Accommodation in Kodar Village: Two large rooms are available in the school building. School toilets with Asiatic wcs are available. For bathing it is suggested that boys could use the stream, while arrangement with households can be made for girls to use their bathing chambers.

Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged, which will be based on local cuisine.
At the Base Camp by KPRI.
At Kodar, arrangement is being made with the Nokia-Karavan Destiny Roti kitchen owners to provide food as part of the livelihood programme.

Drink: Although water from streams is available, it is not recommended for consumption. All participants must ensure that they have adequate mineral water for drinking. Drinking water is available from Battal, close to the Base Camp, but the participants must take adequate quantities to Kodar.

Weather: The weather is pleasant. Days can be warm in the sun, but evenings could turn chilly especially after rains. Clothing must be brought to cater to the changing weather.

Electric Power: As elsewhere in the country, there are constant breakdowns and load shedding. Advisable to carry torches and small battery lights. Arrangements will be made to provide battery lights and torches to each group of four.


Karavanabad 10-12 July 2008         Stay in Tent Accommodation (4/tent)
Kodar 12 -21 July 2008                 Stay in KaravanSchool
Karavanabad 21-25 July 2008         Stay in Tent Accommodation

Thursday 10 July 2008 evening       Arrival at KPRI Base Camp 
                                                Welcome tea and dinner

Friday 11 July 2008                      Briefing regarding the area by KPRI 
                                                Distribution of assignments 
                                                Modalities and schedules

Saturday 12 July 2008                  Morning Breakfast at Base Camp 
                                                Departure for Kodar Village 
                                                Briefing in KaravanSchool at Kodar 
                                                Community meeting if required

Sunday 12 to Monday 21 July         Surveys, proposals, hiking trails, tangible 
                                                & intangible heritage recording etc.

Monday 21 July evening                 Return to Base Camp. Dinner

Karavanabad 21-25 July 2008         Stay in Tent Accommodation

Monday 22 July to 23 July              Preparation and finalization of reports, discussion,
                                                evaluation of works etc. by participants

Thursday 24 July                         Exhibition of output in KPRI Conference Room 
                                                Farewell dinner; exchange of mementoes etc.

Friday 25 July                             Participants depart for Islamabad