KIRAT Internship Programme

KIRAT Internship Programme has been devised to encourage university students to undertake research activities in the Karavan-Nokia-NSN programme area. In addition to research objectives where on the one hand the programme provides the board and lodging infrastructure and base camp facilities developed at Karavanabad, Chattar for the purposes of research, on the other it aims to benefit the community by initiating our village hospitality/pro-poor tourism programme. The programme is designed to incorporate multiple objectives related to the community development work being carried out as part of EQAA work under the Karavan-Nokia-NSN partnership:

a. Research: KIRAT research agenda through the involvement of university students.
b. Community-based Tourism: Utilizing our tourism infrastructure in the base camp at      Karavanabad, along with involvement of village households for income generation through students tourism.
c. Use of Destiny Roti Kitchens: Kitchens utilization through food cooked in the newly built kitchens along with marketing of destiny corn roti.
d. Interaction with communities: Bringing privileged urban youth into contact with disadvantaged remote, post-disaster rural communities for greater understanding regarding their problems and issues.