Topic: Packers HaHa Clinton-Dix says Martellus

Packers HaHa Clinton-Dix says Martellus

By now you're likely familiar with the saga, but let's recap it anyway: Fresh off a win with the , Bennett Ray Allen Jersey signed a three-year, $21 million contract with the this offseason. Through the early part of the season, Bennett was heavily targeted, but struggled with drops and failed to reach the end zone.In Week 6, was hit late by linebacker , and broke his collarbone. stepped in for Rodgers, and made it clear with his play that the Green Bay offense would not reach the same heights. Bennett began musing about retirement at the end of the season, and eventually told the Packers he wanted to have season-ending surgery for a shoulder injury. Rather than shutting him down, the Packers released Bennett. The Patriots claimed Bennett off waivers, and then he played for them a few Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey days later, catching all three pa ses thrown his way.Needle s to say, some of the Packers' players feel like there was some fishy busine s going on there. One of those Packers is safety HaHa Clinton-Dix, who did not mince words regarding his feelings on Bennett."Me, personally? Vin Baker Jersey ," Clinton-Dix said, per the . "I don't fault him, but I did think he quit on us. He let us down -- as a teammate. For a guy that came in, of his caliber, his leadership quote-unquote, I expected more from him. I held him to a higher standard, me personally. But he handled it the way he wanted to handle it." Linebacker obliquely addre sed the situation by harking back to things his father (former NFLer Clay Matthews Jr.) used to say to him."My dad, when we were growing up, he said Jabari Parker Jersey whatever you choose to pursue in life, you see it through," Matthews said. "I remember when I went to USC and my first training camp, I was this walk-on and had zero friends, and I came home and said, 'I don't want to be there anymore.' And he said, 'No, you signed up for this, you see it through.'"Like when a guy's injured, you know when guys are out there and they're hurting and they're not 100 percent but they're giving it up for the guy next to them, they feel a certain John Henson Jersey sense of accountability. You love to see guys who really want to battle and fight and see it through." It's patently obvious that he does not see Bennett as one of those guys, and it's hard to blame anyone on the Packers for feeling that way right now, given the way things went down in Green Bay.