Topic: Jerry Jones reveals how much he would hy

Jerry Jones reveals how much he would hy

If Jerry Jones ever decides to put the up for sale, there probably wouldn't be too many bidders, and that's mainly because there aren't many people in the world who could afford his asking price.Although the Cowboys have , Jones revealed this month that he would want at least double that Derick Brassard Men Jersey amount from anyone who was looking to purchase the team."If I had to sell the team tomorrow I wouldn't ," Jones told Bloomberg during a recent interview.Of course, that doesn't mean Jeff Bezos or Gates could go buy the team tomorrow and that's because Jones has no plans to sell the Cowboys anytime soon. More on NHL Ottawa Senators Jacket the NFL "I don't want to imply that I would take $10 billion for them," Jones said. "The Cowboys are just not for sale. They're a long-term a set and my immediate family -- which has been a part of making them what they are today -- they'll own the Cowboys long after I'm gone."For Jones, the Cowboys have been the best kind of a set: Chris Tierney Kids Jersey One that appreciates in value at an absurdly high rate. Jones bought the team for $150 million in 1989, and if the franchise is now worth $5 billion, then he's seen a return on investment of roughly 3,233 percent, which isn't too shabby.Basically, if Jones was as good at making football decisions as he is at making money, the Cowboys would probably win the every year. That $5 billion valuation of the Cowboys , and it's a valuation Jones doesn't nece sarily agree with. An item is worth whatever Dylan DeMelo Women Jersey someone is willing to pay and Jones believes there's someone out there who would pay $10 billion for the Cowboys if they ever came up for sale."I don't say $10 billion just to say a ridiculous number," Jones said. "I just think you really have to go on what people would pay. I don't want to say at least $10 billion but I certainly think you can justify a $10 billion value, but economically I'd rather have the Cowboys than the $10 billion."Personally, I'd rather have $10 billion, but that's just me.You can watch the Cowboys take on the Redskins on Thursday at 4: Ryan Dzingel Men Jersey 30 p.m. ET on Fox ( ).