Topic: Cowboys Micah Parsons wants offensive re

Cowboys Micah Parsons wants offensive re

scored his first career touchdown on Sunday, returning a fumble 36 yards to help the roll over the in Week 7. Now he wants to taste the end zone again, this time on offense. after the game, the second-year linebacker suggested he deserves some offensive Tony Carr Jersey reps moving forward, even proposing a "red-zone package" with the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year as a ball-carrier."Zeke ( ) said I look just like him," Parsons said of his TD return. "I think Kira Lewis Jr. Jersey I definitely deserve a rep now. They can't say they haven't seen it in a game. So hopefully I get thrown in a goal-line package or red-zone package." While Parsons made the remark in jest, it stems from a serious desire to play both sides of New Orleans Pelicans Hoodie the ball. Or at least that's what coach Mike McCarthy alluded to when speaking on the linebacker's TD later Sunday."I was obviously Steven Adams Jersey very excited," McCarthy said. "But part of me is annoyed because he wants to be on offense already. Now I'm going to have a hard time keeping him out of my office." Parsons taking red-zone snaps wouldn't New Orleans Pelicans Jeresy be unprecedented. coach Mike Vrabel notably starred as a linebacker for the duration of his career (1997-2010), while also serving as a situational tight end for the . He ended up scoring 10 career TDs as part of a red-zone package.