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15 Minute Back Program - Best Workout Back Pain Exercise

The 15 Minute Back Program With the help of the online video programme 15 Minute Back, you may teach yourself to become physically fit and get rid of back discomfort by including regular exercise into your schedule. It provides you with all the resources and information required for your training. Furthermore, even if you have a busy schedule, you can be sure that you will find it easy to set up fifteen minutes for training. The programme has clearly written gatefolds to make it simple to understands.

This video programme is the work of Rick Older15 Minute Back Program.

15 Minute Back Program Rick earned his physical therapy degree. In addition, he is a skilled somatic practitioner, bestselling author, lecturer, and personal trainer. He also has a number of effective case studies that have assisted many people in managing their back pain.

 Although he was intelligent, his schooling did not enable him to support his parents in his role as a filial son. He eventually realised that the quality of the physical therapy instruction he had did not adequately prepare him to deal with minor wounds or persistent pain.

How Does It Function 15 Minute Back Program?

There are three key mechanisms by which this programme operates. i.e., a fifteen-minute program, observable progress, and lasting effects.


15 Minute Back Program 30-second routines

You shall adhere to the daily fifteen-minute video training schedule. Every video has a notice so that you will be reminded to start watching it, making sure you never miss a single training session. All methods of stretching and movement are simple and comfortable. They will allow you to feel better either right away or later, which will relieve your discomfort.


Observable Progress 15 Minute Back Program

Using a straightforward assessment tool on the platform, you can verify the extent of your development. The instrument is based on a pain durability index that has been validated and acknowledged by science. You only need two minutes every week for this, therefore you can afford it.

Rick realised that his traditional physical therapy training had not given him the skills he needed to help people with severe injuries or chronic pain. He therefore spent more than two decades to unravelling the intricate workings of the body's processes for inducing and removing pain.