Pro-poor Sustainable Tourism

Earthquake Area Heritage Retreats (EAHR)

The earthquake area has the potential to draw a large number of visitors who may be motivated by sympathy, at the same time to savour the stunning scenic beauty and unique cultural and heritage assets – all of which could be utilized effectively for economic growth & development, job creation, social cohesion and fostering pride and ownership in order to achieve long term rehabilitation of affected communities.

The EARTHQUAKE AREA HERITAGE RETREATS (EAHR) is designed as community-based sustainable tourism initiative in order to maximize the heritage potential of the area for poverty alleviation and community empowerment including marginalized vulnerable groups and women.


Acquisition of 6 acres land and House
at Base Camp for Setting up                                             Heritage Foundation

Tent Accommodation with Bathrooms                                 Nokia-NSN

Research/Scholar's Houses                                               Nokia-NSN

Reception & Products Outlet at Karakoram Highway               Nokia-NSN