Earthquake Area Women's Crafts

Help victims of the Great Earthquake 2005!
Let them overcome their adversity and become self-reliant!

Shop for diversity and tradition intrinsic in the Destiny Bead Collection hand crafted by
rural women belonging to the remote and difficult-to-access mountainous Kodar Villages,
Siran Valley, Northern Pakistan, area affected by the Great Earthquake 2005. Our Destiny
Bead Collection consists of bracelets, cellphone pouches, cellphone pendants, napkin rings, candle stands, key chains and spectacle holders. Each one-of-a-kind item presents the
diverse culture of the area and compelling stories of women trying to overcome the recent earthquake tragedy with a firm belief to change their destiny through their own effort.

We thank you for your support to this program. The proceeds from the sale of these
products will be reinvested in Women’s Livelihood Programme in Kodar Villages.

Please do watch this space for more products of the Destiny Bead Collection being
designed for your special use.

At this time we will welcome bulk-items queries but will soon be able to respond to
individual deliveries.

Destiny Bead Collection

Destiny Bracelets

Buy unique and beautiful Destiny Bracelets packed in re-usable Jamawar fabric

pouches to add to your jewelry collection or use as friendship/good luck amulets.

We bring a variety of pieces in your desired colors and sizes - so enjoy and

experience the revival of the Siran Valley’s historical intricate bead work aimed

at empowerment of disadvantaged women in the area.


Size:     5.5” to 7.5” in Length & 0.6” Wide (Destiny Bracelet)

            8.5” in Length & 3.1” Wide (Pouch)




Destiny Mobile Pouches

Mobile Phones are one of the basic necessities in today’s busy and hectic life. We bring

Destiny Mobile Pouches made from rich traditional fabric (Jamawar) embellished with

one-of-a kind bead-craft edging crafted by women of the Siran Valley. The elegant

pouches, available in a variety of colours cater to the taste of all age groups and are

suitable for every-day use as well as special occasions. The pouches, placed around the neck, are also suitable for keeping spectacles etc.


Size:     5.5” in Length & 2.8” Wide + 15” Cord




                                   Destiny Pouches witih Mobile Pendants

Destiny Candle Stands

Add style to your home and surroundings!


Decorate with Destiny Candle Holders made from traditional beadwork crafted by

women of the Siran Valley. Available in pair of two, these candle holders

accommodate disposable fairly lights.


Size:     2.4” in Diameter & 0.6” High




Destiny Napkin Rings

Buy a pair of Destiny Napkin Rings and give your dining table a stylish touch! Add

elegance and flair to your dinner table with traditional bead-craft napkin rings made

by women of the Siran Valley.


Size:     2.4” in Diameter & 0.3” High




Destiny Key Chains

Modern and well designed, intricately bead-crafted Destiny Key Chains are available

in many fascinating colors. A fantastic gift and a useful item with a rich traditional

style from the women of the Siran Valley to keep your belongings safe

Size:     4.5” in Length & 0.75 – 1 ½ Wide

            5.5” in Length & 0.75 – 1 ½ Wide