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Soon after the Earthquake and during the Emergency and Relief Phase, UNDP came to our help by supplying 15,000 galvanized iron sheets for making emergency shelters. We are grateful to UNDP and particularly to Mr. Usman Qazi, due to whose generous support we were able to provide these g.i. sheets which helped us to build 1000 out of almost 1200 nucleus KaravanGhar shelters that were constructed during the early phase.


Pakistan State Oil, a long time supporter and sponsor of Heritage Foundation and KaravanPakistan activities, came forward to help in building primary schools. Two schools in the Earthquake area have been sponsored by PSO.


In January 2008 an MOU is being signed with I-Led for providing a matching grant for the construction of 50 Destiny Roti Kitchens for the Destiny Roti (Corn for Health) program. We are grateful for this grant which will contribute towards women’s empowerment and in teaching them regarding the value of hygiene for the benefit of their family.

Pak-Swiss Society Members

Members of Pak-Swiss Society have provided support to the various programs through specialized help. We are grateful to Mr. Sohail Mirza and Mr. Saad Khan, who, after having carried out exemplary assistance by supplying medical help during the early days of the earthquake, have extended their help to our programs for ProPoor Tourism, water and sewerage treatment and general guidance towards the Destiny Roti program.