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Makli under the Sammas by Suhail Zaheer Lari, 2016

Written by acclaimed historian Suhail Lari, who is also an avid photographer, the book traces the history of the Samma rule in Sindh through a spectacular pictorial journey of the remarkable structures built in 14th and 15th c. at World Heritage Makli.  

Size: 25x25 cm, 210 pages,186 photographs


Makli Under The Sammas- Part I

Makli Under The Sammas- Part II

 Makli Under The Sammas- Part III

Hard Publish Book is available in 2500 PKR.

Sepulchre of Mirza Jan Baba Father of Isa Tarkhan the Second – Conservation and Rehabilitation by Yasmeen Lari, 2017

The publication is a record of conservation that was carried out in 2015-2016 by Heritage Foundation of Pakistan. A full record of procedures is provided, and innovative approaches e.g. rational behind the use of bamboo domes for providing protection to vulnerable parts, are explained.

Size: 20x20 cm, 96 pages, 176 photographs


Sepulchre of Mirza Jan Baba Father of Isa Tarkhan the Second-Conservation and Rehabilitation Part 1

Sepulchre of Mirza Jan Baba Father of Isa Tarkhan the Second-Conservation and Rehabilitation Part 2

Hard Publish Book is available in 1000 PKR.

The Green Manual

Towards a Sustainable Future: Build Back Safer with Vernacular Methodologies By Yasmeen Lari, 2015

The pictorial green manual provides detailed information regarding 13 green methodologies ranging from mud brick making, making of earthen cook stoves and eco-toilets to safe earth/lime/bamboo safe shelters, raised hand pumps, raised farming, rainwater harvesting and organic fertilizer and organic soap. The information is based on the strategies use in disaster affected areas of Pakistan and provides low income, zero/low carbon alternatives.

Size: 15x21 cm, 105 pages, 190 photographs


The Green Manual

Towards a Sustainable Future Build Back Safer with Vernacular Methodologies


Hard Publish Book is available in 500 PKR.

Sethi Haveli

A Gem in the Heart of Historic Peshawar From Wrecked Vestige to Splendour By Yasmeen Lari, 2015

This book presents a pictorial and graphic record of restoration/conservation work carried out by Heritage Foundation of Pakistan (HF) on the remarkable Qadri Manzil, popularly known as the Sethi House or Sethi Mansion. The book provides information on the original features and the painstaking effort that was lavished on it to stabilize it and restore it to its original glory.

Size: 22x28 cm, 96 pages, 179 photographs


Sethi Haveli-Part I

Sethi Haveli-Part II

Hard Publish Book is available in 1250 PKR.

Disaster Preparedness Manual, By Y. Lari, A. Meadows and P.S. Meadows, 2013

The booklet has been prepared in order to foster a culture of preparedness in the face of disasters. It has been written by three eminent professionals in the field who have worked together on several projects related to severe earthquake and flood disasters that have confronted Pakistan since 2005. The publication of the book was supported by Scottish Government International Development Fund. A DVD with specially enacted skits on disasters is attached to the booklet.

Size: 15x21 cm, 40 pages, 47 Photographs


Disaster Preparedness Manual

Hard Publish Book is available in 500 PKR.


Heritage Foundation Preservation Guides, 2008, prepared by Yasmeen Lari. Price: Rs. 500 for set of 7 Preservation Guides:
HFP PG-1 Protecting Historic Assets (4 pages); HFP PG-2 Undertaking Historic Conservation (8 pages); HFP PG-3 for Owners of Historic Properties (2 pages); HFP PG-4 Work at Historic Sites (10 pages); HFP PG-5 Cataloguing Heritage Sites (4 pages); HFP PG-6 Hospitality Guide for Heritage Sites (4 pages); HFP PG-7 (16 pages).                
National Register of Historic Places of Pakistan: Heritage Assets of the Siran Valley, 2008, edited by Yasmeen Lari. Price: Rs. 500.
History of Sindh by Suhail Zaheer Lari, 1995 & 2002. Price Rs. 600.00.
Neither Persian Nor Islamic: History of Muslim Painting by Suhail Zaheer Lari, 2002. Price: Rs. 600.00.
Lahore Heritage Guide by Yasmeen Lari, 2003. Price: Rs. 395.00 
National Register of Historic Places of Pakistan: Peshawar Document 1, 2003. Price: Rs. 500.00
The Dual City: Karachi During the Raj by Mihail S. Lari & Yasmeen Lari, 1996 & 2002. Price: Rs. 1,700.00
Karachi Sentenced by University Students, 2001. Price: Rs. 1,000.00
Karachi Heritage Guide by Yasmeen Lari, 2000. Price: Rs. 395.00.
The Jewel of Sindh: Samma Tombs at Makli Hill by Yasmeen Lari & Suhail Zaheer Lari, 1997. Price: Rs. 1,500.00.
National Register of Historic Places of Pakistan: Karachi Documents 1-9, 1987, 1994, 1996. Price: Rs. 350.00.

Book Reviews

An Illustrated History of Sindh by Suhail Zaheer Lari. Published by Heritage Foundation, new edition, 2002.

"A valuable addition to the few authentic books available on the subject in the English language" by Hasan Mujtaba, Monthly Newsline, March 1994. 

"The political history is interspersed with accounts of the development of the Sindhi language and literature and the spread of Sufism. The book contains references to important articles, books and original sources. Short as the book may appear, it has succinctly given all important information, making it a handy, useful and connected history of Sindh from the earliest days. It will form an important guide for research workers and students of history and literature of Sindh" by I. A. A., Daily The Nation, 9 December 1994.

"Suhail Zaheer Lari has done a good job by unfolding details about Sindh which were not hitherto commonly known to people. It is indeed a very profound study" by Col.(Retd) Ghulam Sarwar, Daily Pakistan Times, 20 April 1995.

"A Reference Work" by Narayani Gupta, Department of History and Culture, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, September 1995.

"As with all Heritage Foundation publications, the layout and presentation are superb" by Umbereen Beg-Mirza, Monthly She, November 2002.

"But what is more remarkable is that he has brought to his narration of events a more balanced interpretive angle. This gives the story a heretical slant and makes it exciting to read. Lari has a historian’s natural bent as you can see in the linear record that his brief book tries to maintain. It is his penchant for neglected facts that adds excitement to what otherwise would have declined into ideological routine" by Khaled Ahmed, Weekly Friday Times, Nov 29-Dec 5, 2002.

Neither Islamic Nor Persian: A History of Muslim Painting by Suhail Zaheer Lari. Published by Heritage Foundation, 2002.

"A systematic and very comprehensive account of Muslim art, beginning with the birth of Islam, winding down to the Timurid period, the Ottoman empire, and ending with the Mughals and Emperor Aurangzeb. Lari is extremely thorough, meticulously recording an amazing number of manuscripts and paintings, their dates, the rulers they were created under, and often why they were painted.

After reading the book, it is almost guaranteed that one will drop the established western compartmentalisation and adopt Lart’s view instead" by Zehra Hamdani, Weekly Newsline, August 2002.

"The cover of Suhail Lari’s latest book is deliciously enticing. Indeed the entire layout of the book is unusually beautiful...The same attention has gone into the book’s presentation is amply visible throughout the text of this remarkable little book...The book is a comprehensive guide to the artists and craftsmen behind this typically Muslim art gives the reader a great introduction into the fascinating world of Muslim painting" by Umbereen Beg-Mirza, Monthly She, June 2002

"The questions Lari has raised ought to be discussed in art schools to educate the minds of the students rather than send them out in the world as glib technicians" by Dr Akbar Naqvi, Monthly Herald, July 2002.

"Suhail Zaheer Lari, besides being an intellectual, is a very interesting person ... The book is very well produced and contains 40 illustrations and 40 colour plates ... and concise history of art under Muslim domains" by Shamim Akhter, The Daily News, 10 June 2002.

"There is excellent research mixed with good story-telling that fills the book with nuggets you don’t find in textbooks ... One can go on and on about the stories in this book which is liberally interspersed with miniature reproductions of good quality" by Khaled Ahmed, Weekly Friday Times, May 10-16, 2002.

The Dual City : Karachi During the Raj by Yasmeen Lari and Mihail Lari. Published by Oxford University Press and Heritage Foundation. 1996 and new edition 2001.


"The Dual City: Karachi During the Raj is a monumental and comprehensive documentary on Karachi in all its aspects, and the first book of its kind to be published ... Encompassing a vast panorama of history, politics, architecture and arts and crafts illustrated with hundreds of maps, paintings and photographs (some rare and out of print), this volume is a must for schools, colleges, art and design institutions, reference libraries, clubs, and the intelligentsia. The authors have produced a tremendous piece of documentation which is destined to become a classic" by SK Rahmat Ali, Monthly Newsline, October 1996.


"Karachi’s best-known architect and conservationist Yasmeen Lari, together with Mihail Lari, has confirmed her good reputation by writing a high-quality historical and architectural history of the city of Karachi. It is a coffee-table volume with 400 rare illustrations, 144 of them in colour. Anything you ever wanted to know about the mega-city before 1947 is here, from Alexander’s legendary Krokola around 330 BC, the story of the British take-over in 1839, to stories behind all the landmark buildings" by Khalid Ahmed, Weekly The Friday Times, September 12-18. 1996.