Summer Skin Care Tips Prescribed By A Best Dermatologist

Summer Skin Care Tips Prescribed By A Best Dermatologist

Hot days have arrived. These are different from the last one, but one thing is the same, that is sun-burn. During the summer, skin gets tan, pigmented, wrinkled, pimpled, etc. These skin problems not only impact physical appearance but also divert focus and damage self-confidence. As a result, skin care during summer is unavoidable.


In this blog, the Best Skin Specialist in Noida practising at Skinlogics Clinic, the top skin clinic, will discuss tips to follow during summer. So please read the post to learn how one can prevent skin summer-side effects.


  • Apply Sunscreen


Sunscreens are skin-protecting lotions. These lotions can prevent the skin from harmful UV rays. One can apply sunscreen on the face, neck, and hand, and other body parts exposed to the Sun. When considering sunscreen, there is a wide range of products with distinct SPF levels for different skin types. Hence one sunscreen cannot give the best skin protection. Hence, one should need to identify the skin type and best suitable sunscreen. In such cases, one can take assistance from a skin doctor.


  • Stay Hydrated


During summer, body dehydration is a common problem. It leads to skin dryness, low appetite, laziness, etc. To stay refreshed, one must stay hydrated, take 10-12 glasses of water daily, fruit juices, and glucose to maintain the sugar level.


  • Wash The Face Twice a Day


Hot summer days are sweat releasing. During this session, skin pores release sweat to maintain the body temperature. Skin’s natural oil from sebaceous glands also comes out with the sweat and forms tiny painful bumps on the skin. Once the person starts experiencing acne, pimples, or blackhead, the candidate has to undergo various medical procedures like carbon peeling, photo facial, laser toning. But by washing the face twice a day and staying hygienic one reduces the chances of getting acne or pimples.


  • Avoid Sun Exposure


Even though sunscreen can prevent the skin from getting tanned, it is ineffective when the temperature goes beyond 45 degrees. Hence, the best skin doctor in Noida advises staying at home or in the shade during such hot weather until and unless going out is unavoidable. The doctor also suggests that people should also keep their body temperature normal by showers with normal water, eating juicy fruits, and adding more fiber, and citric acid, and, vitamin-rich food to their diet. 


To learn more about skin-preventing tips or to get any treatment for skin allergies or conditions such as acne, acne scars, pigmentation, melasma, freckles, etc., schedule a consultation with highly experienced skin specialists at Skinlogics, the Best Skin Clinic in Noida. Visit now!