The Most Popular Paper Formats

Up until now, in the classroom or at home, you have been learning grammar from textbooks. Academic writing uses its own set of grammatical rules. It includes rules you already know, plus mandatory style standards.


To figure this out, you'll need a textbook or manual on stylistic grammar.


Such guides cover virtually every aspect of academic writing, from capitalization rules to punctuation. They include rules for citations and lists of references (books, articles, or other materials) that you have used in your work. The following style guides are the most commonly used:


APA (American Psychological Association): This is a style standard developed by the American Psychological Association and is generally used in academic writing and scholarly articles, as well as in business, psychology, economics, and other social science texts.

MLA (Modern Language Association): This is the standard generally used in humanities, arts, and cultural texts.

Chicago Manual: This style guide is one of the oldest and most complete; it is less common now than in the past, but is still used in business, criminology, history, and a few other fields.

Although the APA standard is the most common in academic writing, it is rarely used in schools. Different English-language schools, departments, and faculties may use different standards, so you should check with your professors about which style of academic writing you should use when writing your academic paper.


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