World Habitat Centres

By February 24th, 2021, Heritage Foundation of Pakistan has finished the construction of 5 World Habitat Centres at the following Makli villages:

1. Aadil Farm

2. Kala Ram Goth

3. Khatiya Goth

4. Morvi jo Goth

5. Bighiyo Ram Goth

11 World Habitat Centres are under construction in the following villages. Prefab panels are ready for the remaining 11 centres which will be sent out as soon as the on-going construction of 11 centres is completed.

1. Rashi Koli

2. Teekamdas Koli

3. Arjan Koli

4. Chaman Koli

5. Loongho Koli

6. Kirshan Koli

7. Harjhi Koli

8. Veer Jee

9. Naajhi Koli

10. Chetan Koli

11. Lakhoo Koli

Heritage Foundation of Pakistan is optimistic to have the 27 centres completed by the end of this year.

World Habitat Centres

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YouTube Tutorials on Conservation

On February 9th, Heritage Foundation of Pakistan released the official YouTube Tutorials on conservation work. Low-cost methodologies were applied for making training videos. The videos have been released in collaboration with The Prince Clause Fund and ALIPH Foundation.

The most beneficial result was the preparation of training videos and the following detailed video tutorials were produced:

-Training videos for basic materials consisted of the following:

• Dry Slaked lime preparation

• Virsa Earth Preparation

• Earth lime bricks

• Bamboo fabrication

-Training videos for application on heritage sites:

• Wet slaked lime

• Brick making/underpinning

YouTube Tutorials  on Conservation

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Denso Hall Rahguzar

On February 14th, 2021, the plantation of forest 2 took place. The plants were donated by the shopkeepers of Marriott Road who have been playing an active role in the transformation and enlivening of the street, especially after seeing the positive atmosphere created upon the completion of Forest 3.

Denso Hall Rahguzar

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Denso Hall Rahguzar

On February 10th, 2021, the garbage removal of forest 2 of Denso Hall Rahguzar took place.

The space will be used to implement planting of plants and greenery, intended to transform the site into an eco-urban enclave.

Denso Hall Rahguzar

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Denso Hall Rahguzar

On February 15th, 2021, a follow-up site visit was made to Quettawala by the director of Evacuee Trust Property Board Javed Shaikh, and inspector Khurram. It was decided that ETPB will release the notice for the removal of all encroachments on the Quettawala Building’s rooftop. Additionally, previously the encroachments stores on Quetta Wala Building have been emptied.

Denso Hall Rahguzar

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