The Centre is set up in the shadow of the historic Kot Diji Fort and a stone’s throw from the ancient Kot Diji Remains. The Centre has come about due to the initiative of DC (former DCO) Mr. Abbas Baloch, EDO (CDD), Mr. Faisal Khokar. The efforts of EDO, IT, Mr. Sabir Ali Shah, the focal point appointed by the DC and those of the ADC, Captain Anwar have resulted in the setting up of this unique centre, which is one of its kind in the country. Both the Khairpur administration and Heritage Foundation are enthusiastic and optimistic about the work that can be accomplished through this collaboration.

A Management Committee for the KHC has been formed which is chaired by Dr. Nafisa Shah, MNA, and members include Deputy Commissioner Khairpur Mr. Abbas Baloch, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU), former ruler of Khairpur, Mr. Mehdi and CEO, Heritage Foundation Ar. Yasmeen Lari.

The Khairpur District has an enormous reservoir of heritage sites which are in a poor state of conservation. Coupled with its spectacular heritage of forts and palaces and tombs of sufi saints, along with 19th c. urban architecture it enjoys some unique natural attributes ranging from lush green fields to clusters of towering date palm trees and the silence of the huge Nara (Tharparkar) desert bounded by age old Rohri hills.

This collaborative initiative between Heritage Foundation and Khairpur Administration began functioning on 1st January 2012. Ar. Yasmeen Lari, CEO, Heritage Foundation has been notified as Hon. Project Director and all the work is being carried out under her guidance with support provided by Heritage Foundation in Karachi.

The Centre has been set up to carry out the following tasks:

1. Documentation Unit

  • Scientific Cataloguing and preparation of Condition Survey Reports
  • Identify assets for first amid
  • Identify Assets for immediate Conservation
  • Delineate Heritage Disricts in Khairpur and Kot Diji

2. Conservation Unit

  • Preparation of conservation proposals
  • Preparation of PC-1
  • Identification of experts and artisans
  • Determining first aid mechanisms for historic sites
  • Implementation of conservation works
  • Training programmes for artisans and conservation.

3. Advisory Unit

  • Leaflets and guidelines for conservation
  • Advisory teams for private heritage owners
  • Preparation of drawings and proposals for owners of historic buildings

4. Heritage Training Unit

  • Workshops for professionals (architects, engineers, surveyors)
  • Workshops for administrators, owners of heritage buildings
  • Field training for safeguarding activities for students and youth

5. Vernacular Building Unit

  • Research into use of local materials and construction techniques
  • Promotion of sustainable construction based on traditional methodologies for green buildings

6. Records Archival Unit

  • Identify old maps and records available with government agencies
  • Locate family papers and collections for safeguarding
  • Restore/conserve records
  • Store records etc. in archival boxes

7. Research & Publication Unit

  • Research in libraries and records
  • Carry out online research
  • Develop writeups for heritage assets
  • Prepare leaflets
  • Finalize publications

8. Cultural Tourism Unit

  • Develop cultural and eco-tourism proposals for identified sites
  • Build green construction tourism sites
  • Prepare mementoes
  • Promote local crafts and artisan products
  • Develop museum displays


Project News

Sep 28, 2015


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Sep 28, 2015


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Aug 25, 2014


Granary at Kot Diji Fort, Khairpur District - Heritage Program Update

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Jul 11, 2012


Site Report - Stabilization of Tapedar Dera, Kot Diji, Khairpur

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